VIAQ (Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality)

Training:  Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality (VIAQ) In Low Energy Homes

This course will be developed in late 2015 and publicised when available. 

As Building Regulations Part L pushes tested air permeability of buildings below 10m3/m2/hr@50Pa, providing adequate controlled ventilation becomes increasingly important, through either natural or mechanical means, or a combination of both. Part F of the Building Regulations provides requirements for how this is achieved, but emerging evidence suggests that serious problems with ventilation and indoor air quality are evident in many new homes, caused by ineffective ventilation systems. Research by the Good Homes Alliance (GHA) and others which has assessed the evidence from developers, housing associations and researchers suggests that a) there are problems with both passive and active systems, b) problems are significant and c) they occur at multiple stages of the process.

GHA’s research into VIAQ has also focused on practical solutions and has gathered evidence from examples of occupied homes, where indoor air quality has been shown to be good, to extract useful lessons. The practical lessons that can be learnt from these examples of good practice forms the core focus of GHA’s training on Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality (VIAQ).

The training focuses on how it is possible to achieve good indoor air quality in low energy homes, and stresses how important it is that ventilation be considered a priority from the earliest stages of the design process, in order to ensure good, healthy indoor conditions for the eventual occupants, while providing an energy efficient building. 

In particular the training addresses the following:

1. Improvements to practice at each stage of a development: design, construction, installation and commissioning, occupancy, operation, and maintenance.

2. The measurement and learning activities that are needed to inform the various stages of the process

The training also briefly covers the Implications for legislation and mainstream construction, and the additional research that is needed to develop our understanding further.

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